How to transform anxiety into confidence

Anxiety to confidence

I’m not one for promoting simple tricks tips in relation to confidence.

I certainly don’t subscribe to the idea that you can be more confident if you just make a few simple changes to the way you think or behave.

The truth is that building confidence takes work.

But there are one or two things that we can do quite to help us in our daily lives when we are confronted with difficulties that cause us to feel anxious and lacking in confidence.

One of them involves reframing.

Reframing is simply about looking at a situation through a different lens.

It means thinking about things in a way that is different to the way that you would naturally think about them.

In this video, I show you how you can take a quite different view of the emotions you have when are facing a challenging situation but it feels like you don’t have the confidence to proceed.

I show you how you can use those emotions to your advantage, so that you can confront the situation positively and without the normal sense of fear and anxiety.

How to turn anxiety into confidence

Here are 10 other curated ways that may help:

  1. Practice mindfulness meditation to help you stay present and calm in the moment (source: Verywell Mind).
  2. Use positive self-talk to reframe negative thoughts and boost your self-esteem (source: Verywell Mind).
  3. Face your fears head-on and practice doing things that scare you (source: Verywell Mind).
  4. Take small steps towards your goals to build confidence and reduce anxiety (source: Psychology Today).
  5. Exercise regularly to reduce stress and improve your overall well-being (source: Verywell Mind).
  6. Practice deep breathing exercises to help calm your mind and body (source: Verywell Mind).
  7. Write in a journal to help process your thoughts and feelings (source: Verywell Mind).
  8. Seek support from friends, family, or a mental health professional (source: HealthyPlace).
  9. Set realistic expectations for yourself and celebrate small successes (source: Psychology Today).
  10. Focus on your strengths and accomplishments to build a positive self-image (source: HealthyPlace).

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