Mental Toughness Test and Coaching Packages

Mental Toughness Test and Coaching Packages

Mentally Tough people are typically more positive, more motivated and better at handling the stress, uncertainties and challenges of modern business life.

Mental toughness has been shown by research to be a big differentiator in business, and in life generally, when it comes to performance, motivations, engagement, resilience

That is why you need to measure where you stand as far as mental toughness is concerned, so that you can target improvements where they are needed.

The MTQ48 psychometric test measures the constituent parts of mental toughness – confidence, commitment, challenge and control – so it lets you see specifically where you’re strengths are and where you need to improve.
Martin Cole
The MTQ48 is provided by the research team that developed the measure (AQR International) and I am accredited by AQR to administer the test.

I am also a fully qualified performance and development coach with a M.Sc in coaching psychology.

That is why I can help you understand the test results, work out where you need to improve and then develop a solid plan of action you can follow.

This is how you can take your performance, resilience and motivation up to the levels you need to achieve sustainable success in your business and your life.

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