Change leadership skills: 12 critical attributes of great change leaders

change leaders

Leading change is hard. But good change leaders are essential if any kind of change – organisational or otherwise – is going to succeed. In the context of organisational change, Kotter’s change model emphasises the need for leaders to: But in order to do this, what are the change leadership skills that are needed? 12 … Read more

The Kotter change model: 8 steps to accelerating change

Kotter change model

The Kotter change model is reviewed in the video below (from This is perhaps one of the best known models for organisational change. Kotter’s change model aims to give organisations a road map to follow when they seek to bring about major change. The difficulty I have with the model is that, if applied … Read more

William Bridges transition model of change: the change process of over time


In this post I look at William Bridges’ ‘Transition Model of Change’, which reflects this idea of change over time. Bridges’ ideas are really useful in helping you understand the process of change and the way that it can affect you differently as you progress through the various stages of change. Sometimes change just happens … Read more

Understanding the challenge of change


Here is a story about the challenge of change. On 8 January 2008, in my 40s, I left my home in London with my pregnant wife to move to her home in Sydney, Australia. I left behind my city, my close family and my life long friends. I left behind pretty much everything I’d ever … Read more