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Is this the secret to success with personal change?

success with personal change - path

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”Rumi Engaging in meaningful, self-focused personal change is at the heart of any kind of serious personal and professional development. It might be a change in your habits, a change in your behaviours or a change … Read more

12 critical attributes of great change leaders

Leading change is hard. But good change leaders are essential if any kind of change – organisational or otherwise – is going to succeed. In the context of organisational change, Kotter’s change model emphasises the need for leaders to: create the climate for change, create the conditions for change, and then implement change in a … Read more

The Kotter change model: 8 steps to accelerating change

The video below (from, details John Kotter’s change model. This is perhaps one of the best known models for organisational change. Kotter’s model aims to give organisations a road map to follow when they seek to bring about major change. The difficulty I have with the model is that, if applied rigidly, it is … Read more