Entrepreneurs: Develop these two critical capabilities to build mental toughness

mindfulness mental toughness

In previous posts I have looked at what mental toughness is, how it relates to stress, and the potential downsides when mental toughness is overdone. With this background material in place, I can now start to introduce some ideas about how you can increase your levels of mental toughness. Build mental toughness The formulation of … Read more

William Bridges transition model of change: the change process of over time


In this post I look at William Bridges’ ‘Transition Model of Change’, which reflects this idea of change over time. Bridges’ ideas are really useful in helping you understand the process of change and the way that it can affect you differently as you progress through the various stages of change. Sometimes change just happens … Read more

How to make an impossible decision: a basis for complex decision making

how to make a decision - thinking

Exactly how to make an impossible decision has troubled me enormously as I’ve wrestled with some really tough choices in the last few years. Here are just a few of them: All of these decisions were complex and stressful. All of them had multiple factors for and against the various options. And, in all but … Read more