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Coping with loss of confidence and other struggles

This is the first of a regular series of curated content pieces on This week, the focus is on confidence. The articles I’ve chosen cover a whole range of aspects of the topic: losing confidence, standing up to others, managing our self-talk, dealing with fear and facing the anxiety of competition. We’ll kick off … Read more

Confidence building activities that really work

confidence building activities: presenting

I’m often asked about to suggest some effective confidence building activities for readers or clients to try. The first point I always make is that the clue here is in the third word: activities. Confidence building is largely about the actions you take. It is important to remember this because when considering how to increase … Read more

Pay attention: this may be the biggest lesson I have ever learned


Yesterday I formally graduated from Sydney University with an M.Sc. in coaching psychology. I have to thank my wife Laura and my children, Amelia and Luisa for allowing me the time to study and helping me to get through the course. Their sacrifice was huge. I’ve also been reflecting on what I’ve learned and trying … Read more

The truth about how to be confident

confident woman

If you are looking for information online about how to be confident, these are some of the suggested confidence building activities you’ll find: Be positive Banish negative thinking Smarten up and dress more stylishly Change your body language Don’t accept failure Don’t give up. These are all great suggestions – for somebody who is in … Read more

The struggle with fear


I’m in the thick of a struggle with fear right now. The fear, in a somewhat abstract sense, is the fear of what’s coming next, the fear that comes with stepping out of my comfort zone and into the unknown. More directly it’s a fear of embarrassing myself, a fear of being judged and, most … Read more