Is there a downside to mental toughness and resilience?

Athlete displaying mental toughness

In the previous post, I looked at mental toughness as it relates to stress. In particular I covered how mental toughness operates to insulate the mentally tough person against the ill-effects of stress. And this happens because when you have higher levels of mental toughness, you are more likely to interpret potentially stressful circumstances positively … Read more

Why we need to understand mental toughness and stress

woman - mental toughness

Mental toughness and stress Stress is our response to circumstances that we perceive as threats. Usually this means that we don’t feel as if we have the resources to cope. For entrepreneurs or business people, these circumstances might be external, such as financial pressures or problems with clients or suppliers, but they can also, and … Read more

Work performance: how nature can help you increase your productivity

Bodmin Moor

We all know that good work performance depends on many things, with levels of fatigue and stress being important factors that can undermine good work performance. And there can be an almost physical sense of relief as the work stress begins to loosen its grip on you mind and body. Your head begins to clear, … Read more